day one. i ♥ you

hello to all who stumble upon my first-ever blog and post! i started this as an art project of sorts to share ideas, images, design, art, fashion, music, books, places, food and pretty much anything that inspires me. what is life without inspiration?

the middle photo entitled "i ♥ you" was taken by me while walking in a parking lot with one of my oldest friends kristy. i spotted this vine on a black plastic fence and it immediately reminded me of this photography book i recently bought called "FOCUS:LOVE Your World, Your Images." i love that sometimes you can find beauty in the most random places. it makes me think about life and how you can choose to discover TRUTH in your own personal way, or to be a little more enchanting, decide to view life as a FAIRY TALE. please feel free to leave comments or share anything that inspires you. enjoy! xo nikki

✱ song of the moment
etta james
(since i kind of can't
breathe without music
on at all times,
i thought it might
be fun to share what
i am listening to
each time i post)


Bily boyee said...

'"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," - that is all/Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.'

nikki said...

LOVE YOUR QUOTE BILL. Thanks so much. :)Nikki

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