a saturday in brooklyn

a little over a month ago, i went to a sample sale at LENA CORWIN'S STUDIO in fort greene, brooklyn to see if i could score a dress by one of my favorite designers: MOCIUN. i did get lucky enough to get the dress for more than half-off so i was super psyched! caitlin mociun, the designer behind it all, uses organic materials with bauhaus-inspired prints throughout her clothing line. she also makes beautiful jewelry as well(see my necklaces above). i love the independent feel of what she does. you most definitely know that if you are wearing one of her dresses you WILL NOT be spotting five other clones just like you. that in itself is what draws me to independent, self employed designers.

another designer i stumbled upon at the sample sale was MANU. i instantly fell in love with the raw nature and native american feel of lauren manoogian's jewelry. i snapped up two of her bracelets and the other two were given to me as a birthday gift ♥. i do regret not having purchased one of her necklaces, that believe or not are made of paperclips and tape. i will probably be on an online hunt to find the necklace i should have bought! well that is enough babbling on about my two favorite designers of the moment. i will be posting a few other independent designers that ROCK in some upcoming posts. until then... xo nikki

✱ song of the moment
kaya 1978
bob marley & the wailers
(this entire album
is awesome!)