hi everyone,

forgive me if this posts begins a bit self indulgent, but i figured i would share with you my soul searching of late. hopefully some of you will relate! my life has changed so much in the past few years, and to be honest, trying to BE BRAVE during these changes has definitely had me stultified at times. after completing a yoga teacher training, studying a ton about the meaning of yoga, and being exposed to 'perception changing philosophies' it gave me the idea for the concept of my business WARRIOR HEART. foremost, it is a design company that looks to unearth the unique identity in all things; combined with working on projects that are soul based. this concept came from the intention that being a warrior, a spiritual warrior, who spreads positive energy, love, and compassion to others, as much if not more than the love one has for the self, will bring about positive change and energy to all. 

it can be challenging to live this way everyday, to try to only exude positive energy, to try to perceive only the positive side of everything, seeing that glass as always full. retraining negative thoughts to only positive ones, is a daily battle for this here warrior heart! yes i did say it, i said TRY... because life does throw us curve balls and sometimes the road is hard, but without dark, sometimes you can never know light. in living this way or "trying" to live this way, i keep happily finding myself surrounded by others who spread this VERY word. one such person is an author friend of mine from my magazine days, AMY SPENCER. she has an awesome new book out titled: BRIGHT SIDE UP: 100 WAYS TO BE HAPPIER RIGHT NOW. it is a book comprised of one hundred short chapters on finding the silver lining in any situation. here is a quote from amy's book that spoke to me immediately:

“We’re afraid to be turned down, so we don’t ask. We’re afraid someone won’t like our song, so we don’t play it. We’re afraid to be thought foolish, so we don’t ask questions. We’re afraid we’ll be bad at explaining it, so we don’t stand up and try. Well, here’s a different idea: Let’s show fear what we’re made of and give ourselves a chance to see what we can do. Because facing a fear brings reward no matter what. You’ll be rewarded with success, or you”ll be rewarded with pride that you tried. Either way, you win.”

because facing a fear brings reward no matter what... either way you win. say it again!! repeat it over and over. face your fears. BE BRAVE. TRY!!! don't you just want to run out and get her book immediately?? who doesn't need more bright side in their life?? i know, i know... believe me, despite trying to always be positive, it is quite easy to fall off the wagon. just too damn easy to get stuck in negative patterns of thought. just be gentile with yourself and get back on the horse (yes i know...it sounds so cliche!). need a little coaxing... just remember this quote from amy's book:

"Seeing bright side up is just that: a way to look at life that makes it easier than ever to see the secret, to find the good. The way a magician can lead you to look at his hands from a different angle, we can look at our lives in a fresh way, turning mountains into molehills, our fury into calm, our irritation into gratification, and our anger lines into laughs."

ok have to run for now, but until i post again...
you will find me livin' BRIGHT SIDE UP (or trying
to anyway!). xo, nikki 



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