scar tissue & sapsuckers

scar tissue and sapsuckers... what could these two things possibly have in common? you must be thinking i have gone crazy (well maybe a little lol). so just the other day i was reading "scar tissue" by anthony kiedis. it is a new york times best seller and i think a good read for the summer. if a long battle with drug addiction and the story behind the red hot chili peppers' rise to fame intrigue you than definitely pick it up. anyway, let me get to the story of how a bird could possibly connect with this book. in chapter 11, anthony talks about having experiences with animal spirits. he definitely has an affinity with the native american culture as do i, but who knows if that has anything to do with anything! i thought this was very interesting and made a note of it. the next day as i was returning home, i unintentionally left the door to my house open, while i helped my two year old son micah get into the house. all of a sudden i see out of the corner of my eye a large bird fly in. long story short, the bird turned out to be a yellow bellied sapsucker, aka, a woodpecker.

i was so blown away by this sapsucker experience, and being that i am a spiritual kind of girl, i decided to look up what symbolic meanings this might have. one of the most popular elements of native american culture is the role of animal spirit guides. animals that represent parts of ourselves can teach us to integrate, heal, and develop both our weaknesses and our strengths. below are some of the symbolic meanings of the woodpecker and soooo many seem to pertain to my life right now, and maybe yours:
(illustration by charley harper)

✭ nurture ideas in the womb of our core passions
✭ going back to one's roots
✭ use our intellect to think up innovative solutions to overcome barriers
✭ communicate our ideas in more creative or non-traditional ways
✭ look at projects in unique creative ways to bring new life to an idea

it has been said that a woodpecker's call is like the drum beat of the heart, awakening the spirit into action. this bird guides us to seek our individual way of being, teaching us that it is okay to discover truth in our own way. if you remember i wrote something similar in my first post. i have been wanting to start this blog for sometime, but it wasn't until the woodpecker flew in that i was able to begin. hopefully you too can learn something from this symbolic bird. xo nikki

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Jessie K said...

Hi Nicole:

I love your blog! It's gorgeous. I will assume you designed it yourself? LOVE IT! I'm going to link to it on my blog rurallyscrewed.com. I'll be in touch! Jessie

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